European veal ‘star’ at the yearly International Chefs Congress in New York

More than 2,000 American chefs and restaurant buyers were able to experience the assets of European veal during the Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress that took place from October 21 to 23 in Brooklyn, New York.

At this Chefs Congress COV and its veal exporting companies promoted European veal as part of the Trusted Veal campaign.

The congress, which was organized for the 13th time, brings together over 2,000 chefs from all US states.

This StarChefs congress is a 3-day culinary symposium and exhibition where a large number of influential and innovative chefs show the latest techniques and culinary concepts to more than 2000 restaurant chefs. This makes this congress the only one of its kind in the US. This event also provides the opportunity to bring products to the attention of the chefs present. ‘Trusted Veal’ did present itself prominently in 4 important parts of this event.

COV and its members had their own frequently visited Trusted Veal booth during this event. From the booth more than 1,500 veal dishes were served to interested chefs and buyers of restaurants in the US.

In addition, Dutch veal was also part of the welcome dinner on the first congress day , that was visited by 300 of the most influential chefs . Furthermore, a well-known American chef gave a demonstration on the preparation of aged veal in a very well attended workshop on day 2. And finally, Dutch veal has been used for a specially developed veal burger, which participated on day 3 in a hamburger competition (Burger Battle) between some renowned chefs.

Participation in this event was part of the 3-year COV Trusted Veal campaign, which gives an extra boost to the export of European veal to the US. Greater awareness of all the qualities of European veal to more innovative and modern restaurants is an important objective of the campaign. This was well reached during this event. A strong start was made with this event.

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