Our trusted European veal is the result of years of tradition and hard work by industry professionals who commit every day to producing the safest, highest-quality and most welfare-friendly veal for food preparers and end consumers.


Commitments - Safety

We know how important it is for consumers to be able to trust the products they buy, especially when it comes to fresh meat.

That’s why food safety is our top priority: in complying with strict European Union regulations, we make sure that each of our products is thoroughly controlled and fully traceable, from farm to fork.

Commitments - Safety
Commitments - Quality


Commitments - Quality

Over the years, we have developed what is today the most advanced quality control program in the world.

By implementing stringent auditing standards for each link of the production chain, we have designed a solid, transparent and sustainable system in order to obtain nothing less than entirely safe premium quality veal with an optimal shelf life.


Commitments - Tradition

A by-product of dairy farming, milk-fed veal production has been a farming tradition in Europe for generations.

Along with the sector’s quality controls and food safety measures, this expertise has helped establish the reputation of European veal around the world.

Commitments - Tradition

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About us

The “Trusted Veal from Europe: A Trusted Tradition” campaign aims to promote European veal among meat consumers in North America and Japan.

It is co-funded by the European Union and executed by the Dutch Meat Industry Association (COV) in order to raise awareness about European veal as a high-quality, safe alternative to other meats.