Why choose European veal?

European veal is considered the most trusted in the world.

We live up to this reputation by following the European concept of “full traceability,” as part of our “Farm to Fork” approach. European veal is produced under the Vital Calf quality assurance regulation of the Dutch veal sector, the most advanced quality control program in the world. Our commitment to complying with these strict international standards ensures a consistent, transparent system that provides our customers with safe, premium-quality, sustainable veal they can trust.

Cooking with European veal

Desired for its light color and delicate taste and texture, European veal has long been held in high regard among chefs around the world.

Veal is the main ingredient in many European fine dining experiences, such as osso buco and saltimbocca. It’s available from global veal suppliers in a variety of popular cuts, including shoulder (roasts, stew meat, ground veal), shank (braising meats), rack (roasts and chops), loin (roasts, chops and medallions) and leg (cutlets).

Learn how to prepare these delicious, traditional meals with our easy-to-follow recipes.

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