Star-chefs’ visit the Netherlands for Trusted Veal

Eight American top chefs have made a study trip to the Netherlands in order to familiarise with European veal and all its assets.

The trip was the main prize of a special recipe contest as part of the EU’s Trusted Veal campaign. For this contest, that was organised in close cooperation with the American professional culinary platform “Starchefs”, no lesser than 500 (!) Chefs from all parts of the US had registered.

A jury has pre-selected 50 out of these 500 chefs for the final contest. Out of these 50, 8 winning recipes and chefs were selected. These chefs were a study visit to the Dutch veal sector offered.

The study visit took place from July 8 to 11. The tour included visits to veal producers and veal farmers, a veal slaughter plant but also a culinary master class and an inspiring visit to the a famous food hall in Rotterdam.

The eight “winners” all have their own restaurants in the US, and come from all parts of the US. The recipes of these chefs turned out to be very diverse, ranging from classical American, via Italian (Mediterranean) cuisine to “fusion” with many South American influences. In all cases it appeared that Dutch veal as (relatively) easy to prepare, easily digestible and nutritious, could fit very well into each of these kitchen.

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