European Veal present at the yearly International Chefs Congress in New York

For the second year time the Trusted Veal campaign presented itself from October 27 to October 29, 2019 at the International StarChefs Congress in New York. With almost 2000 visitors from the US restaurant branch, this provided a perfect moment to create new business opportunities.

European veal did present itself on 4 levels during this Starchefs event. With a branded Trusted Veal booth, with a dish during the welcome diner, with one Foodcart each day with 3 different recipes and with a workshop that showcased European veal.

The Trusted Veal booth was not only used for communicating the features of European veal (Traceability, Animal welfare, Food safety, Controlled production and Sustainability), but also for serving 4 different recipes/dishes made by 2 Dutch Chefs.

At the Foodcart every day another US Chefs did prepare and serve a veal dish created by themselves. These Chefs were selected from the veal recipe contest that has been running earlier. Also the veal dish served at the welcome diner was prepared by one of the contest winners.

This StarChefs congress is a 3-day culinary symposium and exhibition where a large number of influential and innovative chefs show the latest techniques and culinary concepts to about 2000 restaurant chefs. This makes this congress the only one of its kind in the US. This event also provides the opportunity to bring products to the attention of the chefs present.

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The “Trusted Veal from Europe: A Trusted Tradition” campaign aims to promote European veal among meat consumers in North America and Japan.

It is co-funded by the European Union and executed by the Dutch Meat Industry Association (COV) in order to raise awareness about European veal as a high-quality, safe alternative to other meats.