Dutch Veal Cooking Contest 2019 in Japan – Recipes

Chef : Usuki Tomochika
Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
Mirial Resort Hotels Co., Ltd.

Grand Prize
Dutch Veal Loin and Fillet Two Flavors

The appeal of Dutch veal is shown by having the Dutch veal loin and fillet meat served in different styles. Loin is roasted with raw ham and sage between fat and meat. The fillet was marinated in yogurt and cooked in a 63 ° C water bath to make a salad.

Chef : Yuzo Yamamoto
Pizzeria Picchi

Outstanding performance award
Pressed Veal Roast and Farm Vegetable
Tuna and White Miso Sauce

In order to emphasize the pale pink color of Dutch veal, a variety of colorful vegetables were added to the baked veal ( rump ) to create a beautiful terrine. Veal is baked in a 120 ° C oven for 7 minutes, with only the surroundings roasted to take advantage of the delicate and tender meat quality.

Chef : Koji Kataoka
Grand Famille Chez Matsuo Nagoya Matsuzakaya store

Dutch Veal Marengo Style with Ecrevisse from Lake Akan
A Modern Interpretation

This dish takes advantage of the moist and delicate texture and taste of Dutch veal fillet and has been reconstructed with a modern arrangement of “ Marengo style ”, a classic French cuisine dish consisting of veal and shellfish. The veal fillet is gently vacuum cooked at 63 ° C together with white wine, and the surface is baked with butter to enhance the milky taste.

Chef : Kiki Mizutani
Kiki Owner chef

Dutch Veal Tongue
Small Eggplant with Condiments

This Dutch Veal dish with Tongue allows you to enjoy the juicy taste , firm texture and delicate fat, simply by tenderizing meat in a short time . Tongue is compatible with citrus fruits, so we added Sudachi juice to enhance the refreshing flavor and aroma. We added mustard instead of wasabi to the condiments so that foreign people can enjoy it.

Chef : Yusuke Hayami
Hotel Azabu Ten Restaurant Totanuki

Blanquette de Veau Cannelloni Style
Green Peas Tartlet Girolle Fricassee

My first image of a veal cuisine is the traditional French dish Blanquette de Veau . This was arranged in a novel way with my own interpretation. The same amount of boneless rib meat and shoulder cut was simmered and results in a melt-in-your-mouth veal . In addition , veal with carrots and potato puree is arranged in a stylish presentation .

Chef : Hirotoshi Mikami
Ashiya Bay Court Club Resort Trust Co., Ltd.

Dutch Veal Tongue and Gorgonzola
Stewed Sausage

The tender , mild flavored Dutch veal tongue, gorgonzola cheese, herbs and other ingredients are combined into a sausage, boiled with fond de veau to create a delicious dish. Simmering the tongue in the fond de veau enhances the umami taste and enhances the moist and juicy taste of Dutch veal.

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