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Trusted Veal Welcomes American and Canadian Delegation During Study Tour

Trusted Veal recently welcomed a delegation consisting of (potential) American& Canadian customers, a chef from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA)and a journalist/Blogger. The study tour was part of the 3-year EU campaign in North America. The trip offered a unique insight into the production processes, sustainability and culinary aspects of veal.

The study tour started with a tour of the Ekro production location. The guests were given insight into the modern techniques and high quality standards that are used in veal production. The group was then given a look behind the scenes at Navobi and Labora. At Navobi, the focus was on the production of high-quality calf feed, at Labora the importance of analytical and microbiological research of products for humans and animals was explained. During the Safety Guard presentation, the strict safety and quality controls at Trusted Veal were highlighted. The end of the first day was dedicated to the visit to various veal farms. The guests were able to view the calves up close and were given an explanation about the care and feeding of the animals.

The next day, the DrieVeld research centre was visited, where innovative methods in veal farming were presented. This was followed by a culinary workshop led by chef Ben van Beurten. The guests learned the tricks of the trade in preparing veal and enjoyed the creations. Various wholesalers were then visited. In addition to the educational visits, there was also time for Dutch culture. The delegation visited the historic Zaanse Schans and enjoyed a visit to Amsterdam, including an enchanting evening boat trip through the canals.

On the last day, the production location of T. Boer & zn was visited and an extensive veal lunch provided by chef Edgar Buhrs concluded the study trip. The guests were able to taste various dishes and experience why Dutch veal is so highly valued. The participants returned home with new knowledge, inspiration and appreciation for the Dutch veal industry. A second Trusted veal study trip will follow in the autumn.

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